Anonymous asked: Hi recently I gained a little bit of weight, 30 pounds, but I'm not like drastically heavier. I've noticed when I walk my thighs rub together and it creates irritations scanning and blisters and is so embarrassing and recently they've been on my bikini line from wearing shorts. I also have very pale skin and get tons of really dark stretch marks and I'm only 16. I'm wondering if possibly there's something wrong with my skin that it stretches and tears so easily. Thank you for taking the time :)


Nope.  Skin can be super tough and hardy or very thin and fragile, and it’s all fine and healthy.  People with very pale skin can have especially sensitive skin, and that’s not unusual at all.

How to manage the chafe:

  • Wear spandex shorts underneath skirts/dresses/pants or shorts of rough material like jeans.
  • Body Glide - looks like a stick of deodorant and essentially lubes your body so it doesn’t chafe.
  • Lush’s Silky Underwear - dusting powder that can be applied to thighs/creases to decrease moisture and add a lovely smooth feeling.  
  • Lady Anti-Monkey Butt powder - Another powder that decreases moisture and keeps things silky smooth.
  • Skip out on skimpy bikini-style undies.  Switch to sturdy, men’s boxer-briefs. They feel so comforting and covering (in my experience), plus having more coverage keeps the elastic from grinding into creases that are getting irritated.

Also, a side note on stretch marks - especially right now, during puberty and the first few years after puberty, you’re going to have a lot of stretch marks where your body quickly decided it wanted to grow up.  That might be on hips, on inner thighs, on breasts.  For people with pale white skin, they can even look purple.  On darker skin they look more like lighter streaks.  Here’s the thing:  everyone has them.  Don’t stress about them.  They fade over time and by your early 20s you won’t even be able to remember where those dark purple ones were.  Some will stay for ever, and you may well come to love them (I love my thigh stretch marks - I feel like they’re part of me).

If you do want to do something about your stretch marks, try these:

  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin E oil, lotion with Vitamin E, potato juice (high in Vitamin E).  Cut up a potato and rub the inside flesh on your stretch marks, allow it to dry, then wash it off.  
  • Stay hydrated.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Coconut oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Read more here.

There are some medications that can be prescribed by a primary care practitioner or dermatologist as well, but I really don’t think most people need to go that far.



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My how things have changed

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